Five things you should know about the Book Fair ARTIC ADVENTURES 1/27/20-1/30/20

1.All Teachers will have bags located in the library filled with books they would like for their classroom library.  Books are available for your child to purchase and donate to their classrooms. This is a great way to give thanks to your teachers for the awesome job that they do! Teachers bags will have their photo on the bag full of books.

2.Make a 25$ book purchase at the Scholastic Book Fair and you will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of several raffle items the Librarian picked out for Rachel Carson Kids! One basket will be raffled off and several books and gift cards to use at the fair will be awarded as prizes.

3.Two “used and can’t be fixed” books have been shredded. Students and staff will have the opportunity before the fair to guess what book, it is. Entries will be pulled, and winners will be announced to come pick up a gift card, from the library, to use at the fair.

4.Volunteers are needed and wanted for the fair. There is a job for everyone, and your help will ensure the success of our biggest fundraiser for the library! Please see the sign-up genius that will go out in the Falcon Flyer very soon!

5.The book fair will fund the library and allow us to purchase books for ALL students of ALL learning types and needs.

Unless students are shopping during their classroom library time parents should be in the library with their child while looking for books.

Book Fair Hours: Students can shop during the day.

Monday 27th 

8:00-8:50 am

8:55-3 pm Student shopping with teacher sign-up time



Tuesday 28th

7:45-8:50 am

8:55-12 pm Student shopping with teacher sign-up time



Wednesday 29th

8:00-8:50 am

8:55-1pm Student shopping with teacher sign-up time



Thursday 30th

7:45-8:50 am

8:55-3 pm Student shopping with teacher sign-up time

12-3:45 pm


Thank you for all your support. I’m excited about many of the titles coming our way and can’t wait to share them with your children.

  1. Daniels

Rachel Carson Librarian