Registration for After School Programs will begin

 January 8 and end at midnight on January 21, 2017

Classes run January 30 through March 31, 2017




Chess  ~  Chess for beginners and experienced players.  Learn from a Chess Master [1st -5th ]

Zumba  ~  Fitness the fun way!  Dance style fitness to Latin themed music [1st – 5th ]

Origami ~ Fold simple paper into animals, fun shapes and beautiful art [1st – 5th]



Cheerleading ~ Basics of cheer, from tumbling to movement [2nd – 5th]

Scratch Coding ~ Learn the basics of computer coding [3rd to 5th] (must be a proficient reader at 3rd grade level)

Drama Kids  ~  New drama group will teach fundamentals of public performance and confidence  [K-5] 

Arts & Logic ~ Creative art class for younger students [ K-2nd  ]     (see Thurs. for 3rd-5th)  



Cartooniversity  ~ Cartoonist Jeff Johnson will teach kids to draw their own cartoon [2nd-5th ]
Martial Arts  ~  True Martial Arts  will teach fitness & safety through Taekwondo [1st – 5th ]



Golf ~ Learn the basics of golf [K-3rd]

Arts & Logic  ~  Creative art class for older students [3rd – 5th } (see Tues. for K-2nd)