Spring Session has been cancelled



Parkour with MoveFree Academy ~  SOLD OUT
TechVenture Kids - Exploring Robots Jr:  SOLD OUT 

Art Naturally-Creative Art & Science: Look and Sea! Learn, journal and create fun art projects from the waters of Puget Sound and beyond. Each week we will dive into a lesson that includes, fascinating fish, beautiful beaches, and ocean mammals. We will use paints, pastels, clay and found objects in our art. Grades 1-5. $190/8 sessions 



Sports with Mr. Sparkuhl: In this class with Mr. Sparkuhl students will play a variety of games and famous PE games such as Queen Pin. Students will be playing scooter games, fun new tag games not played in PE and we will even be playing DODGEBALL in this class! We will be focusing on teamwork, cooperation with others and sportsmanship. This out of the box class will keep your student moving and practicing their sport skills. Grades 1-5. $160/8 sessions.

Snapology:  Escape Snapology:  Hurry, your team has 60 minutes to discover clues, solve puzzles, answer riddles, and manipulate contraptions in order to complete an assigned tasks to ultimately unlock the door to escape Snapology! The team that escapes the fastest is given ultimate bragging rights...until their record is beaten by a new team! In Escape Snapology, students will play various escape games using their budding S.T.E.M. skills; in our longer programs, students will actually have the chance to design and implement their own escape games! Grades 2-5; $160/8 sessions.



Cartooniversity ~ Jeff Johnson is back! Learn all aspects of cartoon drawing including character development, facial expressions, action/movement, layout, background and perspective. Students will also work on fun-filled weekly projects. The classes emphasize developing each child’s own style in a positive environment. Grades 2-5. $165/8 sessions.
Martial Arts: This class is fitness-orientated with an emphasis on safety education. Students learn how to get away safely if they’re grabbed and how to deal with bullying, all the while exercising in a fun and unique way. We don’t sit or stand around, we are constantly moving from one drill to the next. It’s a non-contact activity (no sparring).
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. The style is great for increased fitness, strength,
flexibility, balance, and coordination. It’s one of the most popular styles of martial arts in
the United States and the world, with an estimated 70 million practitioners.
This class goes beyond just teaching kicks and punches. We teach our students to approach
everything they do in the Black Belt Way, with 100% effort, a positive attitude, and
indomitable spirit. We teach life skills that students can put to use every day. Grades 1-5; $180/8 sessions.


Chess: Learn to play chess! Class is for beginners and experienced players. Grades 1-5; $175/8 sessions.

Snapology: Castles, Wizard & Knights: Who wouldn’t want to escape and play in the world of magic, fairy tales, and royalty? In Snapology’s Castles, Kingdoms, and Wizards program, students will have the opportunity to use LEGO® bricks to design their medieval fantasies while also bringing the real history to life! Yes, your student will do more than just build with LEGO® bricks, they will build their historical understanding of the unique elements that make the medieval time period such a fascinating point in human history.  Grades K-2; $160/8 sessions.

POMS Cheer: POMS CHEER is an after school enrichment program that teaches cheer, dance routines, tumbling, stunt work and showmanship.  The primary goal is to build the team with confidence, friendships and community spirit. Each registration includes cheer shirt and pom poms. Grades K-5. $215/8 sessions.