After School Programs begin September 24-November 29, 2018

**Please note scheduling changes and two added classes**



Pass the Potatoes, Please  ~ Students will learn how to speak to adults and friends, use proper table manners, start and successfully engage in conversation, and properly use verbal and non-verbal communication. Grades 1-5

Origami ~ fold simple paper into animals, fun shapes and beautiful art. Grades K-5

Intro to Engineering ~ Wonder how a computer works? Learn the basics of computing devices using Piper, a computer kid that teaches engineering. Students will learn while they play, navigating through a series of adventure maps, only accomplished by assembling their won electronics. Grades 3-5



Speak Easy (Level 1) ~ Through engaging, interactive games and fun activities, you and your classmates will learn and practice the following skills:  Learn how to "WOW" an audience with public speaking techniques; Improvisation-sometimes acting goofy is the best way to conquer fears; Team building and leading others; Explore key methods to become a leader in family, school, community and life. Grades 1-5

Mad Science ~ CLASS IS FULL The wonders of chemistry are revealed as our junior chemist learns to create surprising concoctions, break molecules with ease and shake up a flask full of fun. Students will use the tools, safety procedures and laboratory techniques of real chemists as they investigate solids, liquids and gases at the atomic level. Grades 1-5

Basketball with Mr. Sparkuhl ~ What could be more fun than learning to play hoops with Mr. Sparkuhl! 



Aspiring Authors ~ Students will learn how to use the elements of story building to captivate their readers and enhance                              their illustrations to make their words come alive.  Their books will be a treasure to cherish. Grades 2-5
Martial Arts  ~  True Martial Arts  will teach fitness & safety through Tae kwon do. Grades 1-5
Cartooniversity ~ Learn all aspects of cartoon drawing including character development, facial expressions, action/movement, layout, background and perspective. Students will also work on fun-filled weekly projects. Grades 2-5
Arts and Logic ~ A creative art class for all students. Grades K-5


Chess ~ Learn to play chess! Class is for beginners and experienced players.

Drama Kids ~ Drama Kids offers exciting class that is fun for the kids while developing important confidence-building skills.  Through improvisations, mini-scripts, character analysis, theater games, creative movement and performances the kids will have a great time preparing a Drama Day for friends and family. Grades K-5

Volleyball ~ Learn the basic rules, skills and stances of this fun sport! Grades 3-5

Choir ~ This year long (September -April) choir program with Ms. Depenthal includes performances at the Fall Festival, Mayor's Christmas Tree Lightening, Caroling in the Community, Winter Bazaar, Spring Musical, various assemblies and more! Grades 3rd-5th