Heroes Around Me 

Do your kids love to create pictures? Write stories, poems or essays? Take photos? Compose music? Create dances or movies? Sign them up for the Reflections Art Competition!

The Reflections Art Competition is a National PTA arts in education program that provides an opportunity for students to use their creative talents and to be recognized for their work. There are four rounds of competition starting at the Local PTA level with the possibility of progressing to Council, State, and National PTA competitions. Students who win the top prizes at the National competition win cash awards and a trip to the National PTA convention and Reflections awards ceremony.

Each year, Reflections challenges students to create art that supports a specific theme. This year's theme is “Heroes Around Me”. Students may enter through their school PTSA in any of six art categories: literature, music composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography, and film production.

Reflections Participants will:

  • Have fun creating works of art at home.
  • Have their work displayed at a school art show.
  • Receive a certificate and ribbon for participating and be recognized at school art walk.
  • Have their work reviewed by local art professionals.
  • Outstanding work may be sent to the PTSA Council, State, and National competitions.


 Literature -- Works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, drama, short stories and lyrics.

Music Composition -- Original musical composition, with or without words.

Photography – NEW MAXIMUM SIZE: Prints up to 18 x 2” and 3/8” thick in color or black and white, including the matt (if desired), techniques allowed: photogram, retouched, montage, sandwich and multiple exposure. Adding words to the photo is not allowed.

Visual Arts – NEW MAXIMUM SIZE: 18” X 24” and 3/8” thick. Painting in tempera, oil, acrylic, watercolor & t-shirt paints, computer generated art, two-dimensional collage, printmaking, needlework & leather tooling. Nothing dimensional such as string, noodles, buttons, etc. may be attached to the surface the work.

Film/Video -- Original works, with or without sound, of animation, narrative, documentary, experimental or music video/film. Student must be writer, director and camera person.

 Dance Choreography — Choreographed dance created by the student.


For more information refer to the following link.