Math Challenge is a free math enrichment program for Carson students sponsored by Carson PTSA. 

 How to Participate 

  1. Print out the current Math Challenge at, write your name, grade, and your teacher’s name neatly.
  2. Solve as many problems as you can. There is a minimum number of questions required for each grade. Completing the minimum number of questions is deemed as a qualified submission. We encourage you to discuss strategies and solutions with your parents and siblings.  
  3. Submit your solutions by the due date by emailing to  
  4. Check online to see solutions when they are available.
  5.  A schedule with all start dates and due dates is on the above linked webpage.

We don’t grade or correct your submissions, but we do keep track of them. Monthly ice cream coupon prize will be randomly selected from qualified submissions, handed out from the school office during morning announcement time; Please note, the coupon could only be used in Dairy Queen’s Redmond location, address printed on the coupon; End-year certificate will be emailed to parents, to recognize students who completed 10 packets or more.


The first packet starts on 9/24, due 10/7; Have fun doing math!