Math Challenge is returning to our school this year and the first packet is now available for students to solve!
This is a free enrichment program offered to our students through the PTSA.  There will be 15 Math Challenge packets throughout the year, approximately one every 2 weeks.  We encourage students to solve the problems on their own or with help from family members.  We hope you will enjoy this activity throughout the year!
The responses to the first packet are due Oct 6!

This year, we have new options for submitting the responses via Forms!
You can submit your completed Math Challenge packet in any one of the following ways:
    1. Go to this Sway link to submit your responses via Forms (preferred)
    2. Email scanned response sheets to
    3. Submit the completed form to your class teacher
Students that complete 12 or more packets in the year will receive a certificate.  
Please contact for any questions!